Total of 13.000 hectares aprox, planted.

Exported volume during season 2010-2011 was 11.5 million cases of 5 kg. Volume during 2011-2012 was 14.6 million cases of 5 kg each. This represents a growth of 25%, with respect to the previous season.

Bing appears as the main exported variety, which is the result of branding all varieties as Bing. Bing is probably only 30%, while the rest of the varieties consist mainly of Lapins, Sweet Heart, Santina, Kordia and Regina a wide range of other new varieties.

As cherries have been highly profitable during the last seasons, many new plantations have been added to the existing acreage and growers continue to plant. As a result, we have a huge increase in production during the coming seasons.

From the main varieties exported with a major increase from the previous season are Lapins (470%), Santina (270%) and Sweet Heart (250%).

Rainier had a variable production. Volumes during the last 3 seasons are: 2008-2009 (47.764 cases); 2009-2010 (17.434 cases) and 2010-2011 (41.400 cases).

Variety 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 1
Royal Dawn
Sweet Heart
Tip Top