Chilfresh Fruit

Our objective in Chilfresh is to optimize results for both grower/packer and importer. We advise our growers/packers about the best market opportunities for each product and quality and make sure that their produce meets the standards of each market. The assistance includes defining product standards in terms of quality, condition, packaging and presentation.

For the importers, we insure the quality of the fruit, supply them with commercial advice such as supply tendencies and forecasting seasonal volume estimates, and information about weekly shipments being shipped to their markets.

We have achieved our goal when both grower/packer and importer are able to obtain results that surpass the rest of the industry and that our efforts result in steady growth for all parties involved.

Chilfresh Flowers

In 1995, Chilfresh realized its first exports of tulips from Chile for the US market. In 2002 this activity became a dedicated division within Chilfresh, and today we are the leading flower exporter from Chile.

Due to its unique location, Chile holds a huge potential based on its wide range of climates, its counter season production and Chile´s export know-how and infra-structure.

Our main export markets are the US, Canada and The Netherlands. In these markets we work with clients in the top segment, supported with a production that is focussed on novelty flowers and counter-season production.