About Us


Chilfresh was formed in 1993 with the objective to assist growers/packers and importers alike to achieve better results. It started as a part-time job, and a one-man-show, working from an apartment in Santiago. We were very fortunate that our first client was very reliable and that our first market, China, was a fast expanding one. In the beginning it was hard to gain the trust of the suppliers, but we proved to have reliable buyers, and soon introductions and recommendations contributed to a loyal supplier base.

In 1993 we got involved in the production of tulips in the South of Chile. There was a potentially interesting market for off-season tulips, and in 1995 we started exporting our first tulips to the US market. During seven years we only sold tulips, and only for a few months of the year. In 2002 we created a flower division, and started to export other flower species as well. We were able to satisfy the requirements of both growers and buyers, and Chilfresh is now a leading exporter of fresh flowers from Chile.

Today our company consists of a team of dedicated professionals, a first-rate supply base of growers and exporters in Chile, Peru and Argentina and a loyal and trustworthy customer base in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, and Russia. In the flower business, our main customer base is located in the US, while the European market is gaining importance.

Our relationships are based on mutual trust, reliability, hard work and our commitment to create value by giving professional advice and honest information.


Our offices are located in Curicó, about 180 km. South of Santiago. This location is in the center of the fruit production area, and it permits continuous supervision of the packings and close contact with the growers.